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A new addition to our Encore family of yarns. Our classic wool/acrylic blend has 1% Polyester for a wonderful sparkle. 200 yards for 100 grams, at 5 sts = 1 makes this the same gauge and yardage as our classic Encore Worsted. Consider this yarn for holiday designs and those patterns that need a touch of shine. Contents: 74% Acrylic, 25% Wool, 1% Polyester / Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low, Gauge: 5 sts=1"/US 8 Needle, Yardage: 200 yards, Weight(s): Worsted, Put Up: 10x100g balls, Collection/Brand: Plymouth Brand

Encore Starz Deep Burgandy G999
Encore Starz Forest Green G204
Encore Starz Pink G029
Encore Starz Red G186
Encore Starz Teal  G157
Encore Starz White G208