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Beginner Magic Loop Sock
Beginner Magic Loop Sock
Beginner Magic Loop Sock
Item#: beginnermagicloopsock

Product Description
Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit socks but the thought of knitting with 5 different needles and thread like yarn gave you a headache and made you cringe? I think I may have the solution for you. Try magic loop! Give my idiot proof pattern a shot with thick warm yarn and just maybe you might be able to knit a sock. You'll learn the different concepts of a sock. The cuff, leg, heel, turning heel, gusset, foot and finally a toe. You'll learn that all socks have these things in common. Once you learn these basic concepts you can go on to knit more complicated socks on thinner yarns and maybe even DPNS should you dare.

$5.00 goes towards your sock yarn purchase and reserving your spot in class.